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September 26, 2016
I. Call to order
Chairman Michael Sanderfer called to order the annual meeting of the USATF/AZ
Track & Field Officials Committee at 8:05 a.m. on Sunday, September 26, 2016. He
welcomed all present. There were a total of 21 officials present at the start of the
meeting, including four committee officers and 11 more officials present by the end
of the meeting.

Officers present: Chair Michael Sanderfer, Vice-Chair Diane Martin, Certification
Chair Robert “Hoop” Hooper, Secretary David Palmquist.
Officers absent: Education Chair Clyde Volz excused because of health issues.

II. Minutes
The minutes of the 2015 meeting (emailed earlier) were skipped over because of
time constraints for important business items.

III. Chairman’s Report
Report skipped because of time constraints for important business items.

IV. Certification Chair Report
Robert “Hoop” Hooper reported that our membership is at 122 officials. One
official, Bill Hurn, had passed away. Keep resume up to date during this next
Olympiad for better chance to be selected for large meets. Attend clinics to learn
about all events. Officials need to help mentor new officials so they can advance to
the next level. We urge club members to try to be involved in others meets.
Exception was expressed to “specializing” in events. Another question was
expressed about why some 40 people did not maintain their certification over the
last 4 years. There will be a new national uniform shirt. National liability coverage
was dropped by USATF. NOC Secretary Tom Hott was present and reported that
only 4 claims had ever been filed over the years and nothing had ever been paid out.
NOC deemed insurance was not worth it. Sanction meets are insured. Consider
asking the universities to provide liability insurance, but recognize that there is a
conflict between USATF and NCAA. He also mentioned that some certification tests
will probably be on-line. Consider buying a 4 year membership in USATF to cover
the entire Olympiad. Bob Hooper recommended an increase in dues from $45 to
$50 for the 4 year period. It was moved and passed.

V. Financial Report & Budget
The financial report showed a balance of $1982.63.

VI. Education Chair Report
Report skipped over because of time constraints.

VII. New Business
Election results were reported. Officers for our committee for the next 4 years will
Diane Martin, Chair;
Dan Reynolds, Vice-chair;
Michael Sanderfer, Secretary;
Russ Armstrong, Certification Chair;
Kirk Skyles, Education Chair.
Delegates to the National Convention this December will be Diane Martin and Russ
Armstrong. Besides some financial assistance from our Association, the Officials
Committee will also give them each $200 toward expenses and registration.
A recommendation came from the floor that the Chair set up a sub-committee to set
policies and standards for our starters. Russ suggested that these be included in a
policies and procedures manual. He and Kirk had one of these in Utah and will help
work on such a manual for our Arizona Officials Committee, consulting the present
manual that our Arizona Association has.

VIII. Awards
National Outstanding Service Awards for our Arizona Association were presented
to Cliff McKenzie and Gary Smyth.

IX. Adjournment  -  The meeting adjourned at 9:05 a.m.

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