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November 2016       Certification Chairman’s (Russ Armstrong) Message: 

The National Certification Fee is $20.00, and that check will need to come to me, than it will be sent to the National Certification Chair.  If there are new officials who certified during the calendar year 2016, that certification is valid through 2020.

There are still problems with the national data base, which I am told are being addressed.  It has to be resolved before the entire process is complete.  In the meantime you can still take the rules review and send it to me either electronically or by “snail mail”.
 I will need proof of the background check which needs to be a copy of the certificate that it has been completed.  Again either by “snail mail” or electronically.  Background checks are valid for 2 years.    A link for the SafeSport (“All SafeSport courses taken from the time we launched the program in 2014 to present will expire on 12/31/2020.”) and background check was provided and it is
One other item I will need a copy of the of the recertification application also.   Any additional information I receive at the Annual Meeting I will pass on.
          The Officials Newsletter was sent on 22 November 2016 by email.  It contain helpful information about certification.

Attached are documents I received from the NOC.  One is the basic procedures for the upcoming Olympiad on recertification.  It contains links for forms, tests, etc.  If you click on the link and nothing happens try pressing the control button and clicking with the mouse, this should get you there.  Those of you with smart phones I don't how they will work.
Two additions for certification have been added, that being SafeSport training and a background check.  The background check must be done through NCSI, and there is a cost of $16.00.  For those who officiated at a USATF national meet last season should have had the check done already.   The other is the Certification & USATF Membership Information sheet, and Code of Conduct.   For those who want to complete the Rules Review on their own and send it to me my address is:

Russ Armstrong 
Arizona Officials' Certification Chair
425 S Parkcrest #318
Mesa, AZ  85206

RESUMES need to be kept up to date. When you want to advance to a higher level or renew your certification for the next Olympiad I will need you to send me your resume. If it does not meet the requirements of number and types of meets then you will not be advanced until you do meet the standards. Be sure to read the Rules and Regulations section on the USATF Web Site: Every two years you may advance to an higher certification level. This is providing you have met the requirements of meets, passing tests, and letter of recommendations. 
BEST PRACTICES: A great resource for conducting events and improving your knowledge of rules and safety practices is BEST PRACTICES 
CHANGE OF ADDRESS/PHONE#: Be sure to contact me or Michael Sanderfer ( if there has been a change of your address, phone #, name, etc. Contact me at, .

RULE BOOKS: It important that officials keep up with the rules changes for colleges, USATF and IAAF. The phone # to receive 
NCAA RULE BOOK: 888-388-9748 
USATF RULE BOOK: 317-261-0500 x 680 
BIG Gold Book: (conversion tables): 650-948 8188 
NFHS(High School) Rule Book: 800-776-3462 or from your AIA office 
USATF ARIZONA WEB SITE: Visit our association web site to view information on how to contact the officers, up-coming training or meets, accessing forms or training information, and certification information. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding certification. 
Have a safe and rewarding officiating experience.

Arizona Officials' Certification Chair,
425 S Parkcrest #318
Mesa, AZ  85206
Please use the usatfofficials web side for tests and information about certification:
Individual Tests for 2013-2016:



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