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September 24, 2017

I. Call to order
Chair Diane Martin  called to order the annual meeting of the USATF/AZ
Track & Field Officials Committee at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 24, 2016.  She
welcomed all present. There were a total of 14 officials present at the start of the
meeting, including five committee officers and 9 more officials present by the end
of the meeting.
Officers present:  Chair Diane Martin,  Vice-Chair Dan Reynolds, Certification Russ Armstrong,
Education Chair Kirk Skyles and Secretary Michael Sanderfer.
A lengthy discussion took place which addressed perceived issues regarding officials working at youth meets and interactions with youth coaches.  Further discussion continued with attempts to explore possible ways to improve communication and work towards more respectful collaboration. 
II. Minutes
The minutes of the 2016 meeting (emailed earlier) were approved by all in attendance, motioned by Kirk Skyles and seconded by Tom Hott.
III. Chairman’s Report
Due to earlier discussion, New Business items were introduced by Chair Diane Martin.  Chair also discussed earlier meetings this summer with Officials Officers and Association President with a conference call concerning working together as we in Arizona are one association “wearing the same shirt.”
IV. Certification Chair Report
Russ Armstrong reports a drop to 66 officials from 121 last year.  “Our association has 25 Master’s, 11 National, 14 Associate, 14 Apprentice and 2 Emeritus.”  Drop in official numbers attributed to, “only working high school meets,” “not wanting to pay for another background check,” “not wanting to complete SafeSport test,” “don’t have the time.”
V. Financial Report & Budget
The financial report showed a balance of $2828.72
VI. Education Chair Report
Kirk Skyles discussed training on electronic measuring devices “the future is now.”  Also, training at clinics (site and dates TBD).
VII. New Business
1.        Laser measuring equipment
2.       Officials working in local youth, Master’s and Open association meets
3.       Drop in officials recertifying, a questionnaire/survey will be sent out
VIII. Awards
National Outstanding Service Awards for our Arizona Association were presented
to Paul Sitter and David Bickel.
IX. Adjournment  -  The meeting adjourned at 9:03 a.m.

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